Android Data Recovery

It is a big headache that experiencing the loss of data due to deleting the files by mistake, Android system corruption when we attempt to upgrade the new OS version or flash a new ROM to our Android smartphones or tablets. Now with this Android Data Recovery application, retrieving the deleted or lost data will be a simple and pleasure experience in just 3 steps. No professional skills required.

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My Data were Lost

I like to play my Android devices, always upgrade the latest OS version and flash a brand new ROM to them in order to have a completely different experience. I take my Android devices all the day. But one day, the screen smashed, the screen turned black and I cannot enter the system. My little baby deleted my contacts and text messages by accident. I was amazed to see her talent on digital devices while I felt panic about the lost contacts and messages.

I Can Get Them Back

Android Data Recovery tool enables me to recover the lost data such as SMS, call logs, videos, music, WhatsApp conversations and attachments, contacts and many types of documents stored in the phone internal memory and external SD card. Every problem has its solution, just relax.

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2000+ Android Devices Supported

Android world is wonderful because of the abundant vendors, hardware and custom ROMs. The Android Data Recovery program supports a wide range of Android devices. No matter you are using Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HUAWEI or other brands, no matter you are using Android OS between 2.1 and 5.1.1 version, this incredible application works perfectly to complete its task.

What You See is What You Get

The program allows you scan and preview the missing data. You can wait for the scan process ending and preview all the missing data through the interface and select what you want to recover. What you see on the program interface is what you can recover by the program. You can recover all and you can recover only the data you need.

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Connect, Scan and Recover

You don’t have to be an expert before you can retrieve the lost data such as SMS, call logs, videos, music, WhatsApp conversations, whatsApp attachments, contacts and many types of documents. Just read the text and graphic instructions on every step and operate accordingly. The program will do the rest.

  • connect android devices
  • scan and preview
  • restore missing data

Use Android Data Recovery

Use this incredible Android Data Recovery tool, restore all your valuable data back at ease. 

Any Accidents Caused the Data Loss
No matter what accidents caused the data loss

2000+ Android Devices Workable
Works perfectly with more than 2000 Android devices

Preview and Recover
Preview your lost data and decide what you want to bring back

Safe Recovery
Read-only data recovery mechanism, zero-risk